Slvj (/salvaje/ meaning `wild´) is one of the most influential djs in Madrid working at Abismal, a pioneering collective in terms of gender, horizontality and use of spaces. Her productions and lyrics have appeared on labels such as FuturePastZine, Caballito and Solar Complex. She has recently participated in She Makes Noise and in Sonoras festival, together with Electric Indigo, MBODJ, Gudrun Gut and many others..

MUSIC CREATION AND LIVE PERFORMANCE // Slvj's productions use soundscapes in order to create loops, atmospheres and rhythms of bass, techno and abstract hip-hop: the sound of a frog pond during a bicycle trip from Cuenca to Valencia; the murmurs of nocturnal animals in the jungle in El Chocó, Colombia; the white noise produced by a waterfall in La Pedriza. Through the repetition, sequencing and panning of different layers, Slvj´s music reveals the richness of the environment, from which we can perceive its heterogeneity through the filter of auditory frequencies. Her live performances with video artist Rayuli combine music and voice with interactive video-projections and live-coding. They performed at festivals such as She Makes Noise, Musica Dispersa and El Despertar de una ciudad.

MC // Slvj's narrative is influenced by different formats; abstract hip-hop, spoken word, political manifestos, science fiction or dancehall and reggae mcs. Her lyrics speak from a queer and environmentalist perspective about current events, investigating the emotions and behaviors they produce. Her rhymes about issues such as pollution, sexual harassment, sex between women and raving result in songs that trascend genres like reggaeton or rap. Thanks to her lyrical versatility, she has collaborated with multiple artists in performances and releases: in 2019 she hosted Jamz Supernova from BBC 1xtra during her performance at Madrid Pride and a collaboration alongside Rawtrachs appeared on UK Futurepast Zine label.

DJ // Slvj mixes rhythms from a broad spectrum of electronic music; bass, uk-funk, techno, idm, dub, afrohouse… Her sets contain music from different continents and geographies of electronic music. Not surprisingly, she has played in a wide variety of venues, collaborating with artists from many different disciplines: CA2M Móstoles, Matadero Madrid, Hafenklang Hamburg, Buka Milan, El Parche Bogotá, Radio 3 extra, Drift Ashore Radio Berlin...

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