SLVJ (or Salvaje, meaning `Wild´) mixes field recordings -noises, natural sounds, voices- to create jungle spaces and dance rituals. Her sets and songs are ceremonies sequenced mainly by samplers. As Abismal promoter and dj, she has explored the concept of risk sound and metamorphosis.

MUSIC SOUND FRAME // The animals murmur in the jungle, the blows against the kitchen pans, the interpretations of instruments "badly played", the white noise produced by a waterfall. These sounds reveal the richness of the material amalgam of our environment and our own body. Taking these everyday noises and natural environments SLVJ tries to transport us to spaces where we connect again with our planet and with the people and animals that surround us. Through the repetition, sequencing and panning of different layers, she creates a dance where nothing is hidden, where every noise has a place, where we can feel parts of a whole, from which we can perceive its enormous richness and heterogeneity through the acoustic filter of different frequencies.

LYRICS // Born of the influence of different formats, abstract rap, spoken word, political manifestos, science fiction or dancehall and reggae mc´s. Her lyrics speak from a queer and ecologist perspective about emotions and human behavior. How to turn information agitation and technological chaos into something spiritual? It is the question that the texts of SLVJ intend to address in practice. Chorus that are repeated as prayers of a new interior religion. She combines these elements into songs that transcend the genres and create new labels: experimental reggaeton or futuristic rap.

DJ SETS // Slvj is an activist renewer of the dancefloor rhythms. Always seeking for the sound of free-falling, she mixes broken rhythms and sequences of bass, uk-funk and techno. Her sets are a combination of idm, folk and tribal music with contemporary electronics.